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Website & software localization and interactive production

Providing accurate content adaptation at every interactive level is essential as the world continues to operate more digitally every day. We offer complete production services for all interactive media:

  • Websites
  • Software applications
  • Microsites
  • Banner ads
  • Mobile apps
  • E-mail campaigns
  • E-newsletters
  • DVDs

We can help you reach your global audiences by localizing your existing websites and software applications or creating new ones for local markets. Our localization services provide turnkey solutions that integrate content adaptation, design and code, and include:

  • Best practices for global websites and software applications
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Global gateways
  • Global search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Translation of content/strings
  • Localization of hidden content like search engine keywords and descriptions, browser titles, image alt tags, help text, etc.
  • Adaptation of design elements for the local market
  • Production of graphics with localized text
  • Integration of localized content into CMS
  • Testing to ensure proper display and functionality
  • Implementation of updates

You will see best results when you involve us early, so we can provide global best practice insights throughout the planning, design and development stages, for example regarding global gateway design or concatenated strings. We can work directly in your content management system and consult on developing or improving proprietary systems to allow for optimum integration of the localization workflow.

At the core of localization is the adaptation of your content directly in the native source file formats. Your code is kept safe by using localization software to isolate translatable text strings, and we can produce graphic elements with localized text. In the end, the localized product is always tested before launch, ensuring accuracy and a turnkey product.

Our partnership with WPML guarantees a streamlined localization workflow for WordPress websites by using the WPML plug-in to designate and send to translation all content that should be localized. Once localized, the content is uploaded back into WordPress, ready for testing and proofreading. Any future updates to the source content are flagged by the plug-in and can be sent back to translation whenever desired.

Audiovisual production

Pictures say more than words, and the combination of image and sound makes for an even more powerful expression. That’s why multilingual audiovisual production represents an important part of our services and includes:

  • Transcription of audio/video recordings
  • Script adaptation
  • Subtitling
  • Closed captioning
  • Casting
  • Dubbing
  • Voice-over recording
  • Voice coaching
  • AV production supervision

We work with the most experienced, native-speaking voice and acting talent, screened for the authenticity of their voices and the overall expressiveness of their presentation. We also provide bilingual voice coaches and producers for the recording sessions.

Our working relationships with recording studios throughout the US and Canada allow us to work where we can best meet your talent needs.

Print production

Our digital production artists and typesetters are highly-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about the specific requirements of different languages, from European languages to Middle Eastern and Asian scripts. Working with most commercial design applications, we offer complete production services in all major languages, including:

  • Foreign-language typesetting
  • Page layout adaptations
  • Template creation
  • Language-specific image editing
  • Creation of illustrations, diagrams, charts, etc.
  • Consulting on best practices

Our Total Quality Management process includes supervision by a project manager who understands your overall design specifications and proofreading by native-speaking editors. This process produces final documents that are free of errors, in compliance with both your graphic standards and target market conventions, and will look as if they were specifically created for your target market.

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