TripleInk has ceased operations as of August 2, 2019. We appreciate your business for the past 28 years. We are pleased to recommend our sister agency for all of your translation and transcreation needs. They can be reached at:



We offer translation services from English into all major languages, and vice versa. Our complete translation and quality management process includes the following steps:

  • Initial translation
  • Editing
  • Technical or client review as needed
  • Proofreading & QC

We work with experienced professional translators, editors and technical experts. All team members are diligently selected to meet your particular requirements and challenges. State-of-the-art translation environment tools help us manage workflow and terminology, further increasing efficiency, consistency and quality.

Our high-quality translations ensure accuracy and clarity of expression in all your technical communications. For clients in regulated industries, we offer to certify our translations.

Transcreation & copywriting

For advertising and marketing communication materials that are intended to persuade your audiences and promote your brand, a basic translation approach won’t do. We have developed an enhanced approach which we call the Six Degrees of Transcreation®. This is a more strategic and creative process, which may engage art directors, designers, copywriters, translators, transcreation writers and other talent to create culturally relevant and effective in-language advertising and marketing materials.

The extent of our engagement depends on your communication objectives and the advertising and marketing material you want to produce, so we start with an initial evaluation to provide direction for the transcreation process.

Our global transcreation showcase features a number of examples of our work for various target markets and clients.

Technical writing

For technical documentation and informational materials intended for international audiences, we offer internationalization and technical writing services in English and other major languages.

Following the guidelines of “Global English” we can optimize your English communication materials for international audiences. Authoring English content with non-English speaking audiences in mind will also avoid misunderstandings and ambiguity in translation.

Terminology management

As the volume of translatable content increases, it is critical to properly manage your terminology for all your target languages to ensure its consistent use in all your communication materials across a variety of media.

We employ state-of-the-art translation environment tools that generate a database of bilingual text segments. These assets can then be leveraged for the translation of future communication materials. Additionally, we can create and maintain glossaries for technical terminology. This is particularly helpful when terminology is highly technical and/or very specific to a particular client, product or application.

Translation certification

Our translations are produced by qualified translation professionals, using our Total Quality Management process, which meets or exceeds international standards for the translation of documents.

In compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, we provide a written certification of accuracy for translated materials. The certification is based on the final proof delivered and signed off by TripleInk.

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