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French-Canadian snowmobile campaign


Adapt the complete campaign, designed for the US market, to French for use in the Canadian market, as prescribed by law.


Determining the degree of differentiation required between the US and the French-Canadian campaigns and effectively extending the Polaris brand advertising to the Canadian market.


It was critical to understand the various dimensions of the brand in order to make it relevant to our target audience. The audience profile was similar to that of the US audience – outdoor enthusiasts for whom riding was a passion (i.e., more than just a hobby) and who used their snowmobiles to get away from the day-to-day. But there were key differences: Our audience shared a different cultural context, spoke French, and contained a higher percentage of female riders.

Applying our proprietary model, called the Six Degrees of Transcreation®, we evaluated criteria such as brand essence, origin of the brand, product positioning, media availability and usage, creative expression, and language. In the end, we modified two aspects of the program – the creative expression and the language.

The original campaign’s powerful visuals expressing the Polaris lifestyle and riding experience would resonate well with Canadian consumers. And although the French copy needed to convey a similar dynamic brand personality – passion, fun, and a sense of adventure – it required some modifications in order to appeal to the different gender mix of the French-Canadian audience. Instead of focusing on male-oriented individuality, for instance, the French-Canadian copy emphasized the shared passion and dream of escape. Truly speaking the language of their audience – beyond a simple translation – was vital for the Polaris brand.


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