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Provide Cargill subsidiaries in countries that do not use the Roman script with precise graphic standards for use of the new corporate logo in letterheads, business cards, and marketing communication materials.


Creating corporate identity templates that apply the new graphic look to non-Roman scripts and writing systems while still expressing a similar graphic style. Ensuring that the templates can be used consistently for all communication materials in these markets and that employees and vendors can easily access and use the digital files regardless of operating platforms.


A TripleInk team of Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Thai, and Japanese graphic and production artists, headed by a project manager with experience in branding and identity, selected fonts and developed formats that complemented the English graphic identity. We created a phonetic rendering of the Cargill name in the respective script or an ideographic representation that flanks the new logo. Each logo treatment is suitable for all applications, from business cards to brochures to outdoor signage.

From an extensive array of identity materials, we also selected a number of templates for international use and produced them in the different languages. Complete sets of the graphic identity templates were then made available to the Cargill subsidiaries in international markets on CD and online. By providing easy-to-use materials suitable for each market, we helped ensure that the Cargill name, logo, and graphic identity system will be used consistently and appropriately throughout the world.


International marketer, processor, and distributor of agricultural, food, financial, and industrial products and services in 60 countries

Target markets/audiences

Farmers and ranchers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, foodservice companies and consumers, agricultural communities, non-food manufacturers, financial market traders, community leaders, government officials, the media, employees, and shareholders worldwide

TripleInk services provided

Multicultural consulting, creative and production services

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