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“Language Line” campaign & logo/tagline


Create in-language advertising and marketing material to solidify AT&T’s position as the premier provider of phone and internet services among US ethnic audiences. The emphasis was on the company’s internet and customer services, which include operators who speak 160 languages.

Create adaptations of the new AT&T tagline in the target languages and develop in-language logo standards that can be used across all media.


Creating messages that resonate with specific ethnic communities and using culturally relevant images for each ethnic group while maintaining the integrity of the original English campaign and brand identity.


Working closely with the client’s lead advertising agency, TripleInk advised the creative team and selected images for use in the print ads for the different ethnic audiences. In addition to being culturally relevant, these images also portrayed internet users from each ethnic group who are seen as modern and energetic, while avoiding any negative cultural stereotypes. We adapted the copy to each language and tailored the type and layout to the specifications of individual publications.

Radio spots were recorded using voice talents carefully screened for voice quality, allowing us to create in-language radio spots with eloquent and fluid voices who can be perceived as representing real members of these communities.

Concurrently, we worked with in-language copywriters on the adaptation of the tagline and developed multiple options that reflected the intent and tone of voice of the English tagline. The final selection was made based on the in-language appeal of the tagline and its compatibility with the logo design. For the final execution, we selected suitable fonts and created vertical and horizontal logo standards for each language. The in-language logos were used across all AT&T communication materials.



Target markets/audiences

Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, Hmong, Polish, and Russian-speaking audiences in the Midwest and Western United States

TripleInk services provided

Transcreation, design and production services for broadcast advertising, print, outdoor, point-of-sale, interactive

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