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How we work

While the US domestic or general market may represent the largest share of your current business, it may also be the most saturated. Tapping into international and US ethnic markets will open new avenues to grow your business further.

Developing a loyal customer base for your product or brand outside of the US requires a globally appealing value proposition. And doing business with international customers requires that you communicate in languages other than English.

Similarly, while US ethnic audiences are expected to function in a predominantly English-speaking environment, you can better engage these consumers and earn their loyalty with a well-crafted and relevant message in their native language.

Quite simply, if you want to sell your products and services, you must speak the language of your customers. This applies not only to your advertising and marketing communications, but also to your technical communication and other customer support materials.

So, whether you are looking for technical translations of the highest quality, you want to connect with ethnic audiences in the United States, or you want to extend your advertising and marketing communications to culturally diverse and international markets, you have come to the right place!

Combining the expertise of our multinational, multi-disciplinary client services team with the talents of our creative, technical and linguistic consultants from around the world, we produce advertising campaigns, marketing materials and translations in all major languages.

We diligently vet and foster relationships with only the best professional translators, copy editors and subject-matter experts, and our production specialists are well-versed in audiovisual, interactive and print media.

Six Degrees of Transcreation®

Our proprietary Six Degrees of Transcreation® methodology offers a systematic approach to your multilingual and/or multicultural marketing communications challenges.

We leverage your marketing and branding strategy and our keen understanding of the mind-set of diverse international cultures and US ethnic communities to develop in-language messages and creative expressions that ensure your brand’s appeal no matter the target audience.

This unique approach provides a set of criteria to evaluate and/or develop marketing communication strategies and individual promotional materials for culturally, linguistically or ethnically diverse audiences, and to determine the degree of differentiation that is required to appropriately transcreate your materials.

A successful implementation of this model may employ secondary market intelligence, traditional qualitative research, our own technique of cultural profiling, and a creative team with fluency in different cultures and languages.

Six Degrees of Transcreation

Total Quality Management

We are committed to delivering technical translations of the highest quality, measured in the accuracy and clarity of the translated material. For this purpose, we employ a Total Quality Management (TQM) process.


  • Confirm intended use and target audience, communication guidelines and production specifications with client
  • A dedicated project manager will supervise all phases of translation and production


  • Language teams receive project brief with all key information, timelines and reference material
  • TripleInk coordinates product training with client as needed

Translation & editing

  • Native-speaking translators with industry-specific experience produce initial translation
  • Senior-level, native-speaking communication professionals then perform thorough copy editing for linguistic accuracy, technical and legal fidelity, clarity of expression, and cultural appropriateness
  • Translation memories and/or glossaries are developed and consulted throughout the translation process and beyond

Client review & refinement

  • Client representatives in the target market review and approve the translations to leverage local market knowledge and ensure the materials are well received in the target markets
  • TripleInk incorporates appropriate client revisions and prepares translations for production


  • TripleInk proceeds with print production, studio recording or interactive production
  • All materials undergo several rounds of proofreading and other quality checks, as appropriate

Final quality control

  • For printed materials, TripleInk proofs final layout, match prints, and/or performs press checks
  • For audiovisual materials, TripleInk reviews audio or video files before release
  • For interactive materials, TripleInk performs beta testing
  • All materials are presented to client for final approval

Leveraging technology

SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare

A critical component of managing your global communications is to ensure consistency of tone and language throughout all materials, present and future. We use SDL Trados Studio and GroupShare, a state-of-the-art translation management suite, to develop, maintain and consult client translation memory and terminology databases and to efficiently manage the translation process.

Updates of existing materials can often be produced cost- and time-effectively by leveraging legacy materials and pulling approved translations directly from the most recent revision. To get the most from this tool, we are an SDL Associate Partner and our team members are SDL Trados Studio Certified.

SDL Trados Studio CertifiedSDL LSP Associate Partner

File Formats

In our ever-more digital world, file formats can get confusing, but we are usually able to work directly in your source files, generating cost and time savings by avoiding error-prone copying and pasting into another format. Below is only a sampling of the document formats we handle; talk to us if you don’t see yours:

  • Microsoft Office Suite, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Adobe Creative Suite, e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash
  • QuarkXPress
  • Programming languages, e.g. HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, RESX
  • Content management systems, e.g. WordPress, DNN
  • Online applications, e.g.

WPML Partnership for localizing WordPress Websites

Our partnership with WPML guarantees a streamlined localization workflow for WordPress websites by using the WPML plug-in to designate and send to translation all content that should be localized. Once localized, the content is uploaded back into WordPress, ready for testing and proofreading. Any future updates to the source content are flagged by the plug-in and can be sent back to translation whenever desired.

WPML plug-in

Client Portal

Your TripleInk account manager can provide regular or ad hoc status updates as requested by you. If you have multiple or more complex projects with us, you can track their live progress via a dedicated client portal.

clockwork client portal

Global content solutions

While we work in all the major commercial languages of the world, the bulk of our work is in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French (European & Canadian)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hindi
  • Hmong
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (European & Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish (European Latin & American)
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish

We have produced a wide array of multilingual and multicultural communications materials, including:

  • Advertising for print, radio & TV
  • Annual reports & investor relations material
  • Broadcast TV & radio
  • Brochures, catalogs & collateral material
  • Clinical study materials
  • Direct mail
  • Education & training materials
  • Employee benefits manuals
  • Financial prospectuses
  • In-store signage & POS materials
  • Interactive media
  • Interactive response systems
  • Legal documentation
  • Medical labeling & instructions for use
  • Microsites
  • Multimedia
  • Naming & branding
  • Outdoor / out-of-home
  • Software applications
  • Technical manuals
  • Videos
  • Websites

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